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A new project: The Accademy torna alle news

In March begins the Accademy “signed” Svander and Medem.

After the appointment in January with Stephan Medem, he doesn’t stop to improve the San Marco tennis club, which, able to count on his advice, one of the most important coaches of the GPTCA, inserted at the maximum level A, wants to start a new project, an academy for athletes.

We trust in all the experience and professionalism of Stephan Medem, born in Lucern on the 02 April 1960, that in his career as a professional has touched a high of 219 in the world ranking ATP, and now, it is between the “mental” coach most valuable in the professional circuit, and above all, author of the book, ”Playgirl”, with the preface of the German captain of the Fed Cup, Barbara Rittner and another ready for 2016.

Actually, as he announced in a recent interview, work “with a few young promising players and very determined and organized seminars and mental sessions, one-to one mental sessions, to help the athletes maximize their performance. I will also do the work of independent scouting.”

From March begins his commitment, and it will lavish also in the realization in the Accademy of San Marco Tennis Club, that will grow according to two formalities.

The first phase of scouting for under 16 and the trials for over, where, within the day, the athletes will be evaluated, thanks to the video analysis and they will be followed individually in the field, to give their perception of what could be the next phase of the academy.

They will then be offered the opportunity to choose and to continue with the training or not.

 It’s experience that foresees the possibility to stay within the San Marco Tennis Club structure, or to make use of the activities in the morning and afternoon. In both cases, the athletes will be offered a service that they will follow throughout and for all, from the psychological and technical point of view, of nutrition, of athletic preparation and of training.

A model that has no comparison in this region and that promises to be the forefront in the training of the athletes, technically prepared and trained by one of the best mental coaches around.